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Let’s face it, getting outdoors is good for our bodies in so many ways and it’s something that children today don’t do enough of. The outdoors benefits us by making us active and exercise is awesome for the body to be healthy. It also gets us out of the house to enjoy the benefits of sunlight. Sunlight gives us essential nutrients like Vitamin D and also regulates our sleeping patterns. Getting out also reduces depression because we aren’t stuck inside four walls all the time. So, how can you get your family outside? Simple! Create your own backyard activity center with these recreation projects.

First, lets consider some potential backyard projects that you can install for your family and friends to enjoy. For the sports lover in your home, you could consider a backyard bocce ball court, a set of horseshoe pits, a badminton court, a sand volleyball court, a putting green, a basketball court or an outdoor race track for bikes or cars. For the adventure lover, you might consider a backyard zip line or obstacle course. For the creative members of your family, you can consider a chalkboard area, a fairy village for use as a dollhouse or playhouse, a tree house or a clubhouse.

To make your wife happy, you can build a she shed. Alternatively to make you husband happy, you can build him his ultimate man cave. Lastly, if your family likes to watch movies and you want to get them outside, build them an outdoor theater using a movie screen that inflates and can be stored away when not in use. All of these are excellent ideas to get your family outside and enjoying the outdoors. Artificial grass is also another great addition for your home. However, before deciding on anything, consider some things first. Number one, build for the size of your yard. Not everyone’s yard is big enough to house a race track for cars or bikes. Two, consider what will make the whole family happy and enjoy spending time together outdoors. Third, consider the tools you have on hand and the things you will need to buy so you can make appropriate financial decisions and your new recreation project won’t break the bank.