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Artificial Grass: What Not to Do

So, you or an artificial turf installer, or construction company have installed a fresh piece of artificial grass in your yard and now you aren’t totally sure what you can and can’t do on your new piece of land. Here is a list of things not to do on the new grass so that way it stays looking nice and fresh.

You should always avoid using any sort of harsh chemicals on your new grass. Since it’s not real grass, you never know how the chemicals can hurt the synthetic grass strands. If you end up using something harmful you could be dealing with a much bigger mess in the end.

Avoid putting hot charcoal or other burning things on the grass. This isn’t real grass so it won’t react the same way normal grass does when something burning is placed onto it and could cause your yard some problems and burn the synthetic grass. Unlike real grass, this isn’t something that will die and grow back, this is just burned synthetic grass.

You should also avoid puncturing the grass. If you have a big enough puncture in it, things can start to leak through the cracks and ruin your artificial grass from underneath and work it’s way up. Making it unreliable and unstable and overall just messy.

If you make sure to avoid doing any of these things then you and your yard should be perfectly fine and you shouldn’t run into any problems. You will be able to enjoy your new yard in peace and happiness.

Learn Some Things To Consider When Landscaping Your Yard

Everyone wants a landscape that makes neighbors envious. However, not so many homeowners know how to actually accomplish this. Once you know what factors to consider when landscaping your yard, you can make your yard beautiful. Keep reading to learn a few ideas. Have you ever considered buying some artificial turf from a company like Artificial Turf Source in Palm Desert?

Knowing the plants that naturally thrive in your local climate will be a crucial part of your planning. It’s also helpful to know which plants come back to life every year, and which ones you might need to replant annually.

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might be too much to landscape the whole yard together at once. Break the project up into smaller portions and projects that you can have an easier time executing and then budgeting. It might leave you room to be creative along the way, or just more flexible if your tastes change or unexpected circumstances come up.

Curved borders for your plantings work well in landscaping. Your home, driveway, and even tall plants are all going to be visible right angles to the human eye, so contrasting with some gentle curves makes the yard gentler to look at it. It can even draw more visual attention to your flowers.

When picking places for plants, consider their mature size rather than how big they might be when they start out. It might seem like wasted space between seeds and plantings, but the last thing that you want is tall plants shading out smaller ones or plants competing for water and nutrients with overlapping roots. You can actually wind up losing them all.

If you want trees to offer privacy, pick something that grows fast. Some trees grow 12 feet every year.

Learn the kind of soil you have in your yard. Different plants like different soils, and you might have to amend the soil to get some plants to even work.

You should integrate paths and walkways into your larger landscaping design. There won’t be many things that look worse than simple concrete sidewalks. Spice your yard up by using stepping stones set in patterns. You can also enliven the landscaping with thin set pavers. These are available in various shapes and colors, and they cost about as much as concrete does.

What things should I consider when landscaping my yard? Have you every had this thought in your mind? If you have, then the tips and advice of this article have hopefully helped answer it to some degree. So if you would like to get your yard looking more like a dream yard then you need to talk to Artificial Turf Source in Palm Springs